General syntax:
Returned data is in JSON format.

Current API version is: 1.2.6

Changes 1.2.6:
- Method stats.provider.ex reports current profitability for each algorithm
- Added optional parameter from for method stats.provider.ex
- Method stats.provider.workers reports connected location (stratum proxy) for each worker
Changes 1.2.5:
- Method stats.provider does not need location parameter anymore (merged stats)
- Added method stats.provider.ex for detailed statistics (including history)
- Added method stats.provider.workers
Changes 1.2.4:
- Method stats.global.current has optional location parameter
Changes 1.2.3:
- Removed need for parameter location for methods stats.global.current and stats.global.24h
- Methods stats.global.current and stats.global.24h do not return multi-algorithm statistics anymore

Algorithms are marked with following numbers: Order types are marked with following numbers:

Public methods

Private methods

Every customer with registered account can use following methods. You can find API ID and API Key under your Account page.