Information and guidelines for third-party pool operators and pool users

How can your pool benefit with NiceHash?

One of the major benefits is absolutely the massive hashing power, pointed to your pool by our hashing power buyers. A great feature for pool operators is also the option to test your pools without having actual hardware - by simply renting hashing power on NiceHash - and thus making sure your pool is ready for production use with high-volume hashing power.

Configure your pool for optimal compatibility with NiceHash

It is highly recommended for your pool to either auto-detect connections from NiceHash or configuring dedicated stratum ports for NiceHash connections. Auto-detection can be done by parsing mining.subscribe, where you will notice "NiceHash/x.x.x" - in this case, you will have to set high enough difficulty for these connections (see table/API below). If you are unable to implement auto-detection, then you should open dedicated stratum ports for NiceHash connections and make sure your users will get this information from your FAQs, help, or getting started guides. It is also recommended that you enable and allow setting custom (initial/minimum) worker difficulty for your pool users - this will make sure that the connections from NiceHash will be stable and our customers will have proper control over their workers. Keep in mind that setting a proper high-enough difficulty will lower the load on your pool servers and make mining more stable.

Some more tips for pool owners

Failure on arrival is a common problem among pool operators that are opening a new pool. Experienced pool operators can confirm that testing the pool prior opening is crucial for its long-term efficiency. It is critical that you as a pool operator test the stability of your system, protocols, and software before going live. You need to be sure that your pool is compatible and ready from day one. The best way to test your pool is by buying hashing power on NiceHash.

NiceHash also serves as a backup hashing power provider in case of pool's sudden downtime or other issues that affects mining process. In a case of a downtime you have to to quickly catch up with the pool's luck after recovery and to prevent your miners from suffering and migrating to the other, more stable and profitable pool. This is particularly important for longer downtimes. To prevent the consequences after your pool's downtime, you can buy hashing power on NiceHash to push the total hashing power where it was before the downtime.

Cloud mining on your pool

There are a lot of people that does not own the hardware itself but rather invest in renting it or buying the hashing power. Since NiceHash is the largest and most affordable hashing power provider, the majority of the hashing power is bought/rented right through our marketplace. Pool operators that are serious towards pool's growth are highly encouraged to make their pools compatible with NiceHash's marketplace. You as a pool operator are also advised and encouraged to promote the compatibility on your own website, so buyers will know for sure that they are able to point bought hashing power towards your pool.

Boost your earnings

Take the opportunity to make extra income with your pool. Every time you refer a paying buyer, you make 5% of our revenue share of every order from that buyer! You can find promotional material on the Media page. To turn on referral program, register a NiceHash account and send us an email to [email protected]. We will turn it on for you.

Pool's difficulty criteria

Make sure your pool is operating in the recommended difficulties otherwise buying of hashing power on your pool will be rejected. Mining difficulty for a particular coin/algorithm is changing (usually increasing) over time, therefore we are also adjusting the minimum required pool mining difficulty over time. The best way for you to follow with these updates and also automate the adjustments on your pool is to regularly checking the API (see below). You're also welcome to visit this page often to stay up to date with the difficulty criteria and other useful information. Pool verificator page is available only for registered NiceHash users.

Algorithm Difficulty (initial->working) Pool verificator

API - Query this to get information on algorithms' difficulties.
Parameters: None

Returned value: